Friday, September 21, 2007

rookie on the job

When one's 20, bursting with hyper energy, fairly easy on the eye backed up by an ability to assimilate academics easily and disseminate it with clever oratory, success is assured. The ego is tittilated sufficiently and goes overboard with the ensuing following. The colour of ones skin pales into insignificance, as one plays GOD in this niche fraternity. The traditional tea plantation, where I grew up recedes to a distant memory, as one lives one's life at a frenetic pace in this intellectual conclave. The enire concept of returning to the tea roots is untenable.
Returning home for a short holiday was a critical turning point.Man proposes and God disposes. How the holiday turned to a lifelong pursuit of growing and making the finest Darjeeling tea vintages, that answered the THRE BASIC QUESTIONS that all of us seek, TO BE FREE, is a voyage I would dearly love to share with all. How were the questions , WHERE DO WE STEM FROM, WHAT ARE WE DOING IN THIS TERRESTRIAL INFIRMA--WHERE DO WE GO -THAT assail all of us -evolved by being passionate of creating the finest teas in the world. It is a simple to maintain a 150 year old tradition in Darjeeling, handed down by my forefathers, and something else to evolve it to a biotrope that reflects the answers by being an integral part of a Rhythm Of Nature.
Do watch out for this spot as I introduce you to my seduction to this magical, mystical land- Makaibari in Darjeeling in my next post.
Cheerio for now Rajah Banerjee.