Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday!!! from the TEA DEVAS 2 of them

2 tea devas popped in. to get to know them better have a peek at the Makaibari Tea Estate website for all its fantastic details. Its a terrific augury as this blog has just been gifted to me on a very special day, by a very special person , Lindsey. Lindsey arrived a couple of days ago with her excitably arty friend Natalia and Natalia's cyberspacy partner Pat. We have been having a blast trying to crack the sustainable code unleashed at Makaibari. The voyage has definitely taken a turn for alternative creative exchanges. God alone knows where all this synergy is going to end up- but hey theres no gain without experimentation, and if its a voyage to freedom. I say GO FOR IT BIG TIME. Isn't that whats sustainable solutions about?
Keep watching this space all followers of Makaibari, particularly The Baroness of Silver Tips perched at Tarrytown, who is responsible for unleashing the trio on us.
Keep everything Crossed- and keep watching this space via crossed eyes.
Cheerio for now. The Thunderbolt Rajah